Catching Up After Almost a Month in SA

The lack of internet availability and the now daily blackouts across town have limited my blogging abilities more than I had anticipated, so a few of my upcoming posts are a little delayed and completely out of order, sorry!

I’m slowly adjusting to losing power each day due to load shedding, which is the country’s electricity provider’s attempt to save energy since there is a higher demand for electricity than what is possible to produce here. Losing power and lacking eternal access to wifi definitely disrupts the way I would normally go about my day, but its nothing I can’t get used to!

Aside from my lack of communication with those of you back home, I have no other complaints about living here in Stellenbosch. I spent the afternoon biking around town for the past two days (taking a lot of early morning and evening classes and having no job leaves you with a lot of free time) and have already found my favorite bookstore, coffee shop and peaceful reading spot. My ride today took me to Jan Marais Nature Reserve, which is just outside of campus. After passing through the small gardens and line of trees in the front of the reserve, the trails open wide into a view of the mountain range that surrounds Stellenbosch.

Speaking of mountains, I’ve already hiked up two while being here, which is a feat I had not yet conquered at home. Despite my almost paralyzing fear of heights, the view from the top of both was absolutely breathtaking (lots of pictures to come!)

After being here for nearly a month now I sometimes forget I’m in such an unfamiliar place while walking around the picturesque streets of town, but then I look up and am reminded by the enormous mountains lingering just beyond campus that I’m living in such a beautiful, fascinating country.

Judith walking across a suspension bridge in the park.
Adrienne stands in the stream our group visited to cool off in after gardening in the morning and spending the afternoon at the Enkanini settlement.
Sarah, Elie and I on (the very windy) Stellenbosch mountain.
Elie rocking a banana bucket hat after hiking up Stellenbosch Mountain.

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