Hiking Cape Point

One of the first hikes I did while in South Africa was Cape Point. I began at the most southwestern tip of Africa in the Cape of Good Hope with the rest of the group and began the hike up the first peak before reaching the paved walkway to the highest point where the lighthouse sits overlooking the vast oceans beyond the continent of Africa.

This was my first encounter with anything more than a large hill, and my excitement with the new adventure had prevented me from looking back for quite a way up the trail. Once I finally took a moment to turn around and look down, I realized how far off the ground from the coastline and the ocean we had climbed and was slightly terrified for a moment. Once we reached the top of this first mountain though, we were able to look down over the edge of the other side to see the ocean crashing below. I’ve never seen such a terrifying body of water before, but it was an absolutely spectacular view. It seemed dreamlike as the clouds blew through the mountaintop while we climbed steps and traveled along bridges to cross the top of the mountain toward where the lighthouse walkway began. It was quite an amazing beginning to the many adventures we’ve had since.

Before reaching the point, my group was given some background on the formation and development of Cape Town from on top of Signal Hill, which overlooks most of the city while Lion’s Head and Table Mountain tower behind it. After leaving Signal Hill we enjoyed a picnic above the bay and eventually made our way through Table Mountain National Park. The drive to the point was absolutely beautiful as we drove along the coast the entire time, looking out over the deep blue waves crashing along the sides of the mountains that hug the ocean the whole way around the tip of the country.

(Click on photos to enlarge them and view captions)


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