We Found Heaven, and it’s Full of Dogs

One lovely Monday afternoon, a few friends and I took advantage of a free day and traveled to the beautiful Kommetjie Beach just outside of Cape Town. Upon arrival, we found that the beach was full of only surfers and dogs. The beach is a popular surfing location, and the pets are brought along to enjoy the shore as their owners enjoy the waves. Since Elie and I are not exactly prominent surfers, we spent the day enjoying the sandy heaven with the dogs. Not much more explanation is needed for this magical afternoon; instead, enjoy some photos of Elie, dogs and the ocean:


One thought on “We Found Heaven, and it’s Full of Dogs

  1. I have enjoyed your photos and writing. Nice work. I will remind you that this world you live in is very short. Next you’ll most likely have a 9 to 5 job wishing for the measly few days out of a year you have for vacation. Enjoy to the fullest. (-:

    Paul Zamule
    Electrical Engineer
    Project Leader,
    TAPO, US Army Special Operations Command
    757-878-5361, 757-234-5501c


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