Trying New Things with New People on Ed’s Farm

In an effort of pursuing my environmental studies capstone project, I found myself helping to build high tunnel greenhouses last Sunday afternoon on Ed Perkin’s farm in New Marshfield, Oh. I even made a few new human and dog friends while I was there.

When I arrived at Ohio University to pursue my visual communication degree, I would have never imagined myself ending up in the dirt. But here I am with my subscription to Modern Farmer (thanks Mom), growing my own produce and beginning to do outreach for a local farm. I still have no idea what exactly I’m doing, but I’m definitely enjoying myself while discovering this new passion for sustainable agriculture.

And as of this weekend, I know how to construct both high and low tunnel hoop houses to extend the growing season of a good deal of veggies. After arriving at Ed’s farm, Sassafras Farm, I was introduced to other members of the Sustainable Living Network, an initiative of the Sierra Club, and given instructions on how to build the hoop houses and their advantages in the garden. Then we got right to work building one low tunnel and two high tunnels, after Ed had gotten many of the difficult tasks out of the way, of course.

Once all of the hard work was done, we sat down for dinner at a large picnic table outside on a strangely warm November evening. As I sat there with a table of people who a few hours ago were total strangers, the sun began to set and reflect off of the windows of Ed’s picturesque old farmhouse. At first, I was disappointed my phone had died a few hours ago and I wasn’t able to capture the moment in a photograph, but sometimes I’m reminded that I should rely on my memory a little more often rather than a camera to capture these beautiful, fleeting bits of life.

I’ve grown to love these weird, random adventures I get myself into without figuring out exactly where I’m going next, which is why I’m remolding my blog. I don’t have to cross oceans for my adventures to be significant. I’ve only got to find beautiful things and interesting people, and I usually don’t have to go to far.


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