I Left My Heart in Another Country, Again

I’m somewhere over the Atlantic between Lisbon and NYC and maybe I’ve had too many mini airplane wines or maybe I’m too sleep deprived, but I’m sitting between rows and rows of strangers all coming and going from different people/places/things, and I’m crying. I have yet to conquer the emotional stability part of traveling. I become way too attached to every person and new place I encounter, but I think this vulnerability is a wonderful thing, aside from bawling my eyes out next to strangers every time I get on a flight home. 

I spent the first few weeks of the year in Spain. This spontaneous trip was maybe not the most responsible thing to do right before graduation with no job lined up, but I don’t regret one bit of it. I found super cheap tickets, which meant red eye flights and sleeping in airports, and I even had a whole day to wander around Lisbon, Portugal before arriving in Madrid.

Spain is like an entirely different world. I’m not one for big cities, but Madrid still managed to capture my heart. You can get completely lost wandering the narrow, cobblestone sidewalks for hours, which I did, every single day. When you look up from the endless shops and cafes, you see the beautiful, unique architecture of each building and balconies overflowing with plants and flowers looking out over the streets and sidewalks that seem to be constantly full of people and life. I spent so many afternoons sitting in a sunny plaza, sipping on coffee or wine, feeling more content than I have in quite a while.

So here I am on this plane questioning how long I can ever go in a single place with the friends I meet without falling absolutely in love with everything. I was only there for 2 weeks, and now I’m leaving confused and crying. I just had two full weeks of wonderful people, sunshine, adventure, wine and incredible beauty. Maybe I need to stop buying return tickets.

Now I’m left wondering where to go next.

As I settle down back in Athens I’ll post more about my recent adventures and more photos! For now here’s just a few shots of my trip from my film camera; excuse the insane amount of dust I couldn’t seem to get out of the scanner:


One thought on “I Left My Heart in Another Country, Again

  1. I just got to read your recent post about your trip to Madrid, Spain and look at your amazing photos. The towns and views and architecture were absolutely beautiful and the people you met look as warm and welcoming as you described them. I’m glad you took the spontaneous trip but also glad you had a return ticket.

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