“So you came here on purpose?”

“So you came here on purpose?”  I was asked after sitting down for an interview with a few journalists at the International Food Journalism Festival. I guess I did look a little silly; It was my first time in Italy, I was the only American there who was not a panelist or speaker and I … Continue reading “So you came here on purpose?”

I have a fun job.

A small group of us stood under a tent at Nelsonville's Final Friday event a few weeks ago. We were selling produce from the Chesterhill Produce Auction and advertising ways to get fresh, local produce right in town. One family approached the table and after scanning the array of produce we were offering, turned to … Continue reading I have a fun job.

I Swear I’ve Been Doing Work

My last few months of work have involved everything from being surrounded by goats to driving all over snowy, downtown Pittsburgh instead of spending my spring break at the beach. Getting up at ungodly hours and spending entire days outside in the cold has proven to be well worth it though as I've gotten to produce some awesome projects.