Farewell South Africa

My time abroad has come to an end. Memories were made, experiences were gained, goodbyes were said, a little hysterical crying happened toward the end. Then I stepped on to a plane and began my 30 hour journey back home. Here's a few last rambling thoughts and reflections on my experience along with a random assortment of remaining photos of … Continue reading Farewell South Africa


Don’t Let Money Hold You Back!

If you're worried about the financial aspect of studying abroad anywhere in the world, I can gladly offer you a little advice on getting around this seemingly impossible obstacle. I am indeed aware that money does not grow on trees no matter how much I would like to believe this, so I was at first very … Continue reading Don’t Let Money Hold You Back!

Just Two Girls on an Adventure Across Southern Africa

As my semester at Stellenbosch University came to a close and I finished my last few exams and essays, Elie and I rewarded ourselves with one last adventure across Southern Africa. We began our journey here in Cape Town and traveled through Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique by plane, foot, a few questionable vehicles, and even by … Continue reading Just Two Girls on an Adventure Across Southern Africa