I Swear I’ve Been Doing Work

My last few months of work have involved everything from being surrounded by goats to driving all over snowy, downtown Pittsburgh instead of spending my spring break at the beach. Getting up at ungodly hours and spending entire days outside in the cold has proven to be well worth it though as I've gotten to produce some awesome projects.


Heaven is a Field of Goats

There's something invigorating about watching the sun slowly rise above the trees and stretch its golden light across a frost covered field.

Trying New Things with New People on Ed’s Farm

In an effort of pursuing my environmental studies capstone project, I found myself helping to build high tunnel greenhouses last Sunday afternoon on Ed Perkin's farm in New Marshfield, Oh. I even made a few new human and dog friends while I was there. When I arrived at Ohio University to pursue my visual communication … Continue reading Trying New Things with New People on Ed’s Farm