“So you came here on purpose?”

“So you came here on purpose?”  I was asked after sitting down for an interview with a few journalists at the International Food Journalism Festival. I guess I did look a little silly; It was my first time in Italy, I was the only American there who was not a panelist or speaker and I … Continue reading “So you came here on purpose?”


I Left My Heart in Another Country, Again

I have yet to conquer the emotional stability part of traveling. I become way too attached to every person and new place I encounter, but I think this vulnerability is a wonderful thing, aside from balling my eyes out next to strangers every time I get on a flight home.

Just Two Girls on an Adventure Across Southern Africa

As my semester at Stellenbosch University came to a close and I finished my last few exams and essays, Elie and I rewarded ourselves with one last adventure across Southern Africa. We began our journey here in Cape Town and traveled through Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique by plane, foot, a few questionable vehicles, and even by … Continue reading Just Two Girls on an Adventure Across Southern Africa